Thursday, June 21, 2007

How did you find me?

So, I was perusing my site stats, and I thought I'd share with you how some people have stumbled upon this site.

For some reason, typing "free slutty trannies" (no quotation marks) into a search engine leads you, eventually, to this very blog. Now, I know I've never typed those words in that order (or even in the same post), and I think I only mentioned trannies once - in my blaming of the Florida town that sacked one of its employees for getting a sex change (or wanting one - I can't remember just now, and I'm too lazy to look). I delight in the fact that at least two people looking for free slutty trannies landed here. Suckas.

But someone also got here by searching for "I hate being a tranny." Which just makes me sad. But I'm glad that person ended up here just the same, and I hope this was a safe and welcoming space.

At least one person ended up here by looking for "assbaggery."

Some budding feminists (I suspect) found me by typing "choosing not to shave" and "painful high heels." You're welcome. Go forth and spread the good word, blamers! I've made a mental note to ask Twisty and some of the others if I get some sort of commission or a finder's fee or something. What's my recruiting quota, anyway? Anyone know?

Of course, people also found me by typing in things that make total sense. Stuff relating to gender or feminsm, food, music, and all the other stuff I typically talk about. I imagine those people find lots of other blogs in their searches as well. And I'm glad to share my travelers with those other blogs, 'cause I'm not selfish.

Except for one. I'm gonna keep the person who searched for "what happens if a person drink antifreeze" all to myself. 'Cause I suspect that person needs a friend. And I need a project.


Militant Grammarian said...

I'm feeling all alone now - because I just followed the link on your IBtP profile. :)

Gender Blank said...

IBTP is an approved channel. I'm just glad you weren't looking for free slutty trannies. :)