Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Weigh In, 6/15/07 (The Neighbors Are Evil Edition)

Shit, as they say, happens. And boy did it happen for me the last two weeks. Remember how I said the evil neighbors coerced me into going out to eat Chinese food and then forced a bunch of tasty-but-fatty food into my mouth? Okay, it didn't happen exactly like that, but I swear that's how my memory is trying to recast it.

Anyway, after the Thursday Chinese Episode, all Hell broke loose. We had a combined yard sale that very same weekend, a two-day affair that turned out to be fairly lucrative and concluded with end-of-day dinners out. Pizza the first night. Applebee's the second. And Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast that second day, too. By Monday, we were completely off the fucking wagon. So we just kind of went with it. We travelled to our new town to look at an apartment on Tuesday/Wednesday, and travelling always gives us license to eat horribly. We ate at Arby's, Ponderosa, the Latte Lounge, the Broad Street Grill, Quizno's, and a gas station. But I balanced it all out with a Fuze Slenderize drink on the drive home. Gotta do my part.

Then we played with the neighbors some more on accounta they were fixing to move on Monday, so we invited them up to grill, after which we went to Applebee's for their lava cake. And then a couple days later we had them up to grill again, and to celebrate all of us moving on, I consumed four amaretto sours. And the next night we picked up pizza. Somewhere in all of this, we also had breakfast with them at a local diner.

Not pretty.

I didn't report my weigh-in last Friday because I was embarrassed. Not by the weight, but by the sense of being out of control. It would have been different if all the food had been worth it, but it was mostly crap. Seriously, Combos? Come on. How good can bright orange cheez wrapped in a pretzel be? Meh.

In addition to the Hungry Hungry Hippo eating, we bought a new scale, and it weighs a pound and a half heavier than the previous scale. So not only was I actually heavier from all the food, but the scale read a pound and half heavier than that. So the result looked even worse than it actually was. I didn't feel like explaining it last week, so I just decided to shut you all out. Hope you weren't all left hangin' and shit.

So, what to do now? Well, if the new scale weighed things a pound and a half lighter than the other scale, I was prepared to keep quiet about that and let you think I had actually lost weight over the last two weeks. I'm not proud of that, folks, but it's how I am. But I'm also the type of person who rats herself out after she lies about most things, so I thought I might as well go the honest route to begin with. If I can't be honest with a bunch of strangers (and a few well-chosen and invited friends), well, then I would suck. And I don't wanna suck, so honesty it is. Lucky you.

To adjust for the scale differential, I'm adding a pound and a half to my starting weight. So instead of starting at 212.5, my official starting weight will now be 214.0. And today's weigh-in was 187.1, so that makes...let me see here...26.9 pounds overall. And a gain of 1.6 pounds since the 5/25/07 weigh-in of 184.0 (adjusted for difference in scales).

It hasn't been a good few weeks, but things are looking up. The neighbors got so sick of hanging out with us that they moved away, so now we're back to having no friends to go out with. It's not great for us socially, but it'll prolly be better for our diets. Kind of a shitty trade-off, but whaddayagonnado? Plus, we've secured an apartment in our new town, so we won't have to do any more travelling until the move. So, back on the WWagon we go!

I hope to have more promising news to report next Friday.

Happy weekend, all!


Amy said...

Glad you are back on the wagon.

Gender Blank said...'s good to be back.

How the hell are you?