Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Today Show and CNET.com think women are frivolous

Full disclosure: MSNBC.com is a joint venture of MSN, NBC, and unadulterated sexism.

Jeebus, I hate it when companies/shows/things I generally like make it impossible for me to ignore their sexism. Not that I'm trying to ignore sexism when I encounter it. Just the opposite, really. I encounter it everywhere and almost always bring it to someone's attention - even if that someone is the already-sympathetic partner. But sometimes a blamer needs a break from all the misogyny and so is willing to put on mini-blinders just long enough to enjoy herself for fifteen minutes. So it's pretty frustrating when things jar me back to the depressing reality that is this: people don't think very highly of women.

The latest installment in the Women Are So Cute When They Want to Play With Men's Toys series comes to us from some knob at CNET.com, who so very kindly graced The Today Show with his presence to point out some tech gadgets women might find shiny and pretty. Seriously, what would we do without guys like this to point out girlie versions of what are mostly non-gendered toys to begin with? Can we not even shop correctly? That's the one thing you guys will give us!

The first item on the list isn't so bad. It's a digital camera, and aside from it being "stylish" and slim, I can't tell why it would be specifically marketed to women. They do make sure to mention that it's small enough to fit in a small purse, though, so maybe that's it.

The second item is a laptop. A pink laptop. "Designed to express personality." What personality that might be is anyone's guess, and my guess is plastic.

Item number three is an XM radio. You guessed it. A pink XM radio. Buying this, it is claimed, will help support the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation's fight against breast cancer. I would bet all $200 dollars of this pink nonsense that not a single dollar goes toward actually fighting breast cancer. But that argument is for another post.

Next on the list is a "fashion phone." Fashionable, it seems, because it is "accentuated with leather, cloth, metal, and ceramic-inspired finishes." It has a glass mirror display for, I presume, checking your lipstick.

Then there is something called a designer computer mouse. You can get a ladybug (how cute!), a bunny rabbit (how soft!), or a leopard print (how sexy!) mouse. If you're willing to shell out $25,000, you can even get a diamond-laced mouse. Are they effing serious with this shit? Since when do grown women want ladybugs and bunny rabbits on their computer accessories? And even if some do, it is not behavior we should be encouraging. Talk about giving men permission to think of you as a prepubescent girl! Eeew. Here's a picture of the only mouse on their site that is sold out right now. Big surprise.

Up next is an MP3 watch, which actually has some good features. I can imagine fully-evolved people thinking this is kind of cool. Not me, but someone. But just to make sure we ladies know this product is for us, the folks at Origim pinked it up for us. Silver dial with pink bank. Whatever that means.

And finally, by Rakku, a designer shoe wheel. Because it wouldn't be a list of stuff women want if it didn't have something to do with shoes. "Rakku," by the way, means "rack." Coincidence?

Ugh. Another day in a world where misogyny runs amok. Sorry to burden you with all of this. I just thougt you might want to update your boycott list. Or girlcott list.

It's lunchtime. Where are my fucking blinders?


jluw said...

I guess I am not understanding men trying to tell women what is feminine. Pink, pink, pink - while an okay color choice and one many like - is just a color. It is not inherently feminine, so making all this garbage pink adds nothing in my mind. And, what is up with that mouse? Pullleeezzz...

midwest girl said...

So I know I should be offended by the mouse.....but I'm more disappointed that it is currently sold out. Sorry

Gender Blank said...

Oh, midwest girl, why am I not surprised? :)