Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Weigh In, 4/20/07

Remember in my story from Monday where I said that the scale was reporting bad news? Well, it didn't seem to get much better throughout the week, despite my rigid adherence to the plan. I weighed in at 190.0 again this morning, marking no loss at all this week. But, frankly, that's a victory after spending the entire week heavier than last Friday's weight.

I shouldn't be too surprised, I guess, as the Chinese food we ate on Friday seems to have had the same effect it always has, which is to derail the progress. Or at least slow it down. Also, we ate out on Tuesday before attending a concert, so that probably didn't help. I had a turkey burger and a baked potato, which at home would not have been a bad choice. At a restaurant, though, you're not guaranteed the Weight Watchers-friendliest preparation.

So it goes.

On a positive note, we finally got the sun to show up around here, so score on that front.

Happy weekend, all!

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