Sunday, April 15, 2007

April in New Hampshire

So, it's April, but you can't really tell. These photos were from a couple of weeks ago. And just as the snow was almost all melted, we got hit again. We're pretty sleety in this part of the state right now, and it's projected to get worse overnight.

I am so over New Hampshire!


Amy said...

Sucks to be you. Denver is grrreat!

ken said...

Oh GB--do you really think it will be better in upstate NY?
I lived in Ithaca for a couple of years and I have three words for you: lake effect snow.

Gender Blank said...

If the weather were the only reason I hated New Hampshire, I'd not look forward to upstate New York. As it turns out, the weather here is just the icing on a really depressing cake. I am hopeful that enough other things will make me happy in NY that I won't care about the weather so much. Kind of like in Iowa. Fingers crossed!

Amy, you should enjoy the great weather in Denver. You guys had enough shit to deal with already this winter. I will accept the "sucks to be you" comment for just that reason. :)

ken said...

Well NY does have a preponderance of wineries. And there are fun winery theme tours. Check out the website if you're into that kind of thing.

Gender Blank said...

Will these wineries turn their noses up at neophytes? I've not found a wine that I care to drink, so I need some guidance. I really want to like it. I think it would up my cool factor.