Friday, April 13, 2007

"Thank you for degrading me."

Photo by Peter Lazar-AP

"Young men from the folk ensemble Carnica throw a bucket of cold water at a young woman during Easter Monday celebrations in Kosice, Slovakia, on April 9. The ancient habit of whipping women with plaited willow stems and dousing them with cold water is said to provide them with good health and freshness. The soaked girls give colored or painted eggs to the boys as a sign of their thanks and forgiveness." -

This appeared on MSNBC's Week in Pictures and also on US News & World Report's Day in Photos, among several other places. No commentary follows. Just a drive-by (click-by?) reporting of misogyny masked as tradition. Notice how the two men in the photo have to hold the woman from squirming away. But she will thank them for this later. Because that's the appropriate response upon being whipped and "freshened" by a cold-water dousing in public.


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