Monday, April 9, 2007

Need some new shirts?

I don't want to encourage consumerism, but on the off chance you were going to be buying a new t-shirt anyway, check out Radical Rags. They've got some good war stuff, some radical feminist stuff, and some shirts with pictures of some pretty righteous people (sadly, they're all dudes). Here is a sampling.

Happy shopping!


ken said...

I have the smash the patriarchy shirt from them. Unfortunately I wanted the "girl" cut shirt but the XL was tiny. The men's large is on the baggy side and not nearly as cute. I know we can deconstruct feminine/masculine fashion here but my point is that a site selling progressive T-shirts should probably be committed to fitting the needs of all its customers.

Gender Blank said...

Thank you for raising that point. As someone who quite often (even when I'm relatively thin) falls outside the women's range, that drives me berserk. If we're gonna smash the patriarchy, we'll need to take down its asinine ideas about The Appropriate Size of a Woman.

This is where I will direct my next letter...sad when the target is one of our own.