Friday, February 9, 2007

A little Friday cheers and jeers

Just a few things I have on my mind right now that are deserving of public judgment...

Cheers to Harvard! Word has it, they're about to hire their first female president in the school's 371-year history. 'Bout time!

Jeers to Wal-Mart! For selling t-shirts emblazoned with an image used by the Nazis. Dispicable? Yes. Surprising? Not so much.

Cheers to Bill in Portland Maine over at DailyKos! He writes the best Cheers & Jeers ever, and he spreads the love around. He recommended two of my comments this week. What great validation! He rawks.

Jeers to Bill Donahue of the Catholic League! For whining that two of the bloggers John Edwards hired to do his netroots outreach had made some offensive statements on their personal blogs and encouraging their dismissal. But he has also gone on record saying that a professor who slept with a drunken 18-year-old student shouldn't lose his job for something in his personal life. Dick.

Whatever to John Edwards! For hiring these two women, caving to Bill Donahue's intimidation, releasing a statement saying that some of the statements in the blogs were personally offensive to him and that he doesn't want his campaign represented like that, and then keeping them anyway. I say fire them and be a douchebag, or keep them and support them. You can't please both sides here, and your attempt to do so makes you look wishy-washy. Have you been taking lessons from Hillary?

Jeers to the Pentagon! For purposely manipulating intelligence to create a connection between Iraq and Al-Qaeda in the run up to the war. Fuckers. All of 'em.

Cheers to the Defense Department's inspector general Thomas F. Gimble! For exposing such slimy dealings.

Jeers to Donatella Versace! For suggesting that Hillary is too butch. According to Donatella, Hillary should "treat femininity as an opportunity and not try to emulate masculinity in politics." And what, exactly, has femininity done for us lately? Oh, that's right - made us all feel a little less than acceptable in almost every way unless we look like Anna Nicole Smith. And look where it got her this week (may she rest in peace).

All right...I feel better now that I've foisted my judgment upon these very deserving individuals and corporations. Let that be a lesson to all of you out there!

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