Monday, February 26, 2007

Friday Weigh In, 2/23/07

So, I wasn't actually near a scale on Friday morning for my weekly weigh-in. I weighed in at 199.5 last Wednesday, and then MonkeyPants and I went on the road (which is not generally good for the diet).

I ate tempeh-based meals twice on Thursday, and when we stopped on the way to New York and on the way back, we split a turkey sub at Quizno's. And the morning that I was on my own for breakfast, I got a package of Special K cereal and a quart of skim milk from the gas station. We packed our own Weight Watchers-friendly snacks and were pretty good about sticking to them (except for the donut we each had in the car on the way home...). All in all, it was pretty decent.

For our Friday night free night, we ordered Chinese food. We should know better. It sticks with ya for awhile on accounta all the sodium. Saturday morning I weighed in at 201.0. This morning the scale said 200.5. That makes 12 pounds altogether, so whatever.

I gotta say that I am most impressed with myself for not falling completely off the WWagon. I wanted to, believe me. Saturday I wanted to eat the leftover Chinese food and some of the remaining donuts (you didn't think we bought just one, did you?). But I didn't. I was sensible and conscious. So, bully for me. And for MP, who wanted to order pizza last night but changed her mind and had a soy "chicken" patty instead.

You can say it. We're awesome.


Amy said...

I will definitely say are awesome!

Gender Blank said...

Oh, stop. You're too much. :)