Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Weigh In, 2/16/07

This morning I weighed in at 201.0. That makes 1.5 pounds for the week and 11.5 overall. Progress is slow but steady. I was hoping to be under 200 pounds by my birthday (on Monday), but I don't really see that happening, as we will be going out for Mexican food tonight. Got a birthday coupon and all...

This picture is of my breakfast this morning. Eggo Special K waffles (1 point each), strawberries with a Splenda marinade (free), and some fat-free Cool Whip (half a point). Two and a half points for the whole thing. Mmm. For good measure, and since it's Friday, and since my birthday is comin', I also added a No Pudge brownie for 2 points. Now, THAT'S breakfast!

Happy weekend, all!

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