Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why I should stop saying fuck

'Cause it attracts people to my humble blog who are looking for shit like this:

1. "why women don't like to be fucked everyday" (It's you, buddy.)
2. "tiny 18 year olds fucking" (Way to steer clear of the kiddie porn there.)
3. "obama girl fucked" (Nice.)
4. "is it healthy for a man to be fucked" (I think yes, but what do I know?)
5. "huge dick mother fucker" (George Bush. Has to be.)
6. "healthy way to get fucked" (Cucumbers?)
7. "for time up fucking" (Wev.)

And this is all just within the last month! As always, it gives me a little giggle that these douchebags end up at GBWI, where perhaps, 'cause you just never know, I am radically changing their worldviews. It could happen.

And now I need to go scrub my brain. Fuckers.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just go to Shakesville already

Go here to read Melissa's first installment of "a new series in which [she]'ll be addressing misconceptions or answering questions about feminism and/or feminists." This first post is entitled "Feminism 101: Feminists Look for Stuff to Get Mad About."

It's fucking brilliant.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gender Blank is gettin' older

Gray hair? Check. Crow's feet? Check. Stretch marks from semi-annual attempts at weight loss? Check, check, and check.

Oh, and it's my birthday today. Always a tip-off.

I'm 31 today. Not a momentous birthday. Still a young pup by many standards. All dried up by some others, but wev. I've never really bought into those standards.

Anyway, I'm takin' it easy today. Students are gone for the whole week, which is such a totally kick-ass gift! I'm going to clean my office, catch up on some paperwork, and hang out in my pajamas. Then I'm going to let MonkeyPants take me out to dinner. I've got a hankerin' for some Japanese food.

By the way, I'm setting no goals for my thirty-second year of life. I'm just gonna take shit as it comes. In case you were wondering.

Happy day to all of you! Thank you for being in my life at 31!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Jane Fonda said "cunt" on TV

See for yourself.

Meredith Vieira apologized for Fonda a few minutes later, but no word on whether Fonda actually felt like apologizing for it. I hope not. If you've seen the show, you get it. Even if you haven't seen the show, there was nothing offensive about the way she used the word.

Had she called Meredith Vieira a cunt, that'd be a bit different.

Seeing The Vagina Monologues changed my entire outlook on the word. I still don't use it, but mostly because now the word is too good for most people. That's right. The C-word is too good to be used with ordinary people. Especially ordinary people who do stupid shit.

Those people are just dicks.

Stuff I'm listening to these days

Some of these are only 30-second versions. But you get the idea.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Question: Why doesn't Gender Blank wear make-up?

Answer: Because it might attract the wrong kind of guy.

Another question: Where are this woman's nipples? BTW, that's no girl, but whatever.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

MSNBC sorta blows

I know you already know this. But it bears revisiting every once in awhile. They provide enough examples at pretty regular intervals to keep my rage-o-meter at least partially engaged at all times. Plus, they continue to employ Chris Matthews. That's enough to give me heartburn by itself.

What I'm most irritated about over the last few days is their coverage of the Democratic race for the nomination. First, after Super Tuesday failed to deliver a decisive front-runner, ran a headline all day long that said something like "Democratic Race Could Go Negative" with a subhead indicating that this negativity would split and damage the party (sorry - I can't find a link to the article anymore).

Don't you just love it when corporately-owned douchebags predict inevitable disasters for their opponents based on a history that completely contradicts the prediction? After all, the ensuing article noted (at the very, very end) that up until that point the Democratic race had been pretty darn civil. They could at least wait to see what happens and then make a reasoned analysis. I mean, even Jerry Falwell waited until after the disaster of 9/11 to blame the gays and the feminists. Just like a gentleman should.

Plus, so far they've been wrong. I know it's only been five days since Super Tuesday, but I haven't read any reports of a huge wave of negativity between Obama and Clinton. There is still time, of course, but they seem to be making a pretty concerted effort to be on good behavior (relative to most political campaigning, anyway). I hope they don't make me eat my words in the coming weeks.

Another thing that's bugging me right now is this photo of Barack Obama on

I just can't help but think the top dogs at MSNBC are chuckling just a little at running this Angry Black Man photo. Or Evil Black Man. He looks more evil than angry. Now, I know that photojournalism is all about capturing a "moment." But after winning the four contests last night, wouldn't you think Barack Obama would be having a happy moment, and wouldn't that photo be more appropriate to run? Or was it just too tempting to slap up an unflattering photo that plays into the stereotypes that lots of voters have?

Perhaps I wouldn't be so cheesed if they didn't run that photo next to this one of Mike Huckabee looking all serious and presidential.

I'm not irritated by this because I'm a fan of Obama (he only got 49% of my vote on Tuesday). I'm irritated by this because I'm a fan of fairness. And balance. But in a completely non-Fox News kind of way.

Or maybe - and probably most likely - I'm irritated because I just got done reading this and this over at Shakesville. Melissa says it way better than I could, so just go read about MSNBC's misogynist douchebaggery over there. Don't forget the comments sections when you read stuff at Shakesville. The regulars over there are a smart and savvy bunch, and the discussions are often as good as the posts.

Anyway, MSNBC is beyond having some 'splainin' to do. If they want to remain a viable candidate for my entertainment attention, they're gonna hafta make a grand gesture of some sort. Suspending David Shuster isn't quite enough for me.

Chris Matthews would be nice to have in the trophy case, though.

I missed my blogiversary

Happy belated 1-year blogiversary to me. It was January 11. Somehow I forgot about it. Prolly 'cause I was busy taping paper fishies to the walls of the lobby here in the ol' dorm-home. A girl's gotta make a living, after all.

Here's my first post from a little over a year ago. A hundred and seventy-three posts later I can't say I'm any wiser. Well, maybe a smidge. At least I know how to embed YouTube videos now. That's something.

Now have some cake.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Monday, February 4, 2008

The vote looms

We're a day away from Super Tuesday. God dammit, I need more time!

'Cause here's where I am right now: I've publicly agreed to support Barack Obama, who I believe is a great choice, but I keep secretly rooting for Hillary Clinton, who I also believe would be a great choice, albeit for very different reasons.

I saw people standing at the corner of a busy intersection in Albany this weekend holding Hillary signs, and I admit that I felt emotional. These were people standing out in the misty cold for a viable female candidate, and that's never before been possible in my lifetime. Or anyone else's.

And then I saw this video about Barack Obama, and it gave me chills. Truthfully, I get chills nearly every time I see coverage of Obama making a speech. Not usually because of his actual speech, but because of the crowds' reactions to his speeches. I can't say that he totally lights my fire, but the fact that he lights so many other fires is certainly inspirational.

Is it possible to be inspired transitively? 'Cause if so, I'd like to express my feelings about Barack Obama as a logical equation: If I am inspired by people's excitement to engage in the democratic process, and Barack Obama makes truckloads of people get excited about engaging in the democratic process, then I am inspired by Barack Obama.

But here's the thing. Even though there are things about her that make me cringe, I am directly inspired by Hillary Clinton. I don't think there's anyone smarter in the race. Maybe even in the party. She is damn near unflappable. She can play the game with the best of the boys (I'm not necessarily interested in someone who plays that game, but I still admire that she can do it so well). She's been smeared more than any woman in American history, but she refuses to give up, and a day before Super Tuesday she leads the polls and the delegate count for the Democratic nomination. I just can't help but be inspired by that.

But can she win against John McCain? I'm not so sure. I think she could if Obama were on the ticket with her, but I'm not sure he would accept that offer. I think Obama would be able to beat McCain with a few different people as his VP, which ups his stock with me. But I don't know that he would put Hillary on the ticket (even though I believe she deserves to be there in some capacity), and I don't want to miss an opportunity to vote for a well-qualified female candidate. Who knows when it will happen again (not saying that there won't be a well-qualified female, just that it's not easy to squeeze through the process like Hillary has)?

So, dear readers, what do I do with all this? I have a day to figure it out. Any advice out there?