Friday, February 15, 2008

Jane Fonda said "cunt" on TV

See for yourself.

Meredith Vieira apologized for Fonda a few minutes later, but no word on whether Fonda actually felt like apologizing for it. I hope not. If you've seen the show, you get it. Even if you haven't seen the show, there was nothing offensive about the way she used the word.

Had she called Meredith Vieira a cunt, that'd be a bit different.

Seeing The Vagina Monologues changed my entire outlook on the word. I still don't use it, but mostly because now the word is too good for most people. That's right. The C-word is too good to be used with ordinary people. Especially ordinary people who do stupid shit.

Those people are just dicks.

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Dorothy Snarker said...

"Shit. Fuck. Dammit. Bacon." is now my official catchphrase.

Ms. Snarker