Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why I should stop saying fuck

'Cause it attracts people to my humble blog who are looking for shit like this:

1. "why women don't like to be fucked everyday" (It's you, buddy.)
2. "tiny 18 year olds fucking" (Way to steer clear of the kiddie porn there.)
3. "obama girl fucked" (Nice.)
4. "is it healthy for a man to be fucked" (I think yes, but what do I know?)
5. "huge dick mother fucker" (George Bush. Has to be.)
6. "healthy way to get fucked" (Cucumbers?)
7. "for time up fucking" (Wev.)

And this is all just within the last month! As always, it gives me a little giggle that these douchebags end up at GBWI, where perhaps, 'cause you just never know, I am radically changing their worldviews. It could happen.

And now I need to go scrub my brain. Fuckers.


Amelia said...

I found your blog on Shakesville.

Thanks for the warning, I guess I should tone down the language on my blog as well. ~_^

Anonymous said...

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