Sunday, February 10, 2008

MSNBC sorta blows

I know you already know this. But it bears revisiting every once in awhile. They provide enough examples at pretty regular intervals to keep my rage-o-meter at least partially engaged at all times. Plus, they continue to employ Chris Matthews. That's enough to give me heartburn by itself.

What I'm most irritated about over the last few days is their coverage of the Democratic race for the nomination. First, after Super Tuesday failed to deliver a decisive front-runner, ran a headline all day long that said something like "Democratic Race Could Go Negative" with a subhead indicating that this negativity would split and damage the party (sorry - I can't find a link to the article anymore).

Don't you just love it when corporately-owned douchebags predict inevitable disasters for their opponents based on a history that completely contradicts the prediction? After all, the ensuing article noted (at the very, very end) that up until that point the Democratic race had been pretty darn civil. They could at least wait to see what happens and then make a reasoned analysis. I mean, even Jerry Falwell waited until after the disaster of 9/11 to blame the gays and the feminists. Just like a gentleman should.

Plus, so far they've been wrong. I know it's only been five days since Super Tuesday, but I haven't read any reports of a huge wave of negativity between Obama and Clinton. There is still time, of course, but they seem to be making a pretty concerted effort to be on good behavior (relative to most political campaigning, anyway). I hope they don't make me eat my words in the coming weeks.

Another thing that's bugging me right now is this photo of Barack Obama on

I just can't help but think the top dogs at MSNBC are chuckling just a little at running this Angry Black Man photo. Or Evil Black Man. He looks more evil than angry. Now, I know that photojournalism is all about capturing a "moment." But after winning the four contests last night, wouldn't you think Barack Obama would be having a happy moment, and wouldn't that photo be more appropriate to run? Or was it just too tempting to slap up an unflattering photo that plays into the stereotypes that lots of voters have?

Perhaps I wouldn't be so cheesed if they didn't run that photo next to this one of Mike Huckabee looking all serious and presidential.

I'm not irritated by this because I'm a fan of Obama (he only got 49% of my vote on Tuesday). I'm irritated by this because I'm a fan of fairness. And balance. But in a completely non-Fox News kind of way.

Or maybe - and probably most likely - I'm irritated because I just got done reading this and this over at Shakesville. Melissa says it way better than I could, so just go read about MSNBC's misogynist douchebaggery over there. Don't forget the comments sections when you read stuff at Shakesville. The regulars over there are a smart and savvy bunch, and the discussions are often as good as the posts.

Anyway, MSNBC is beyond having some 'splainin' to do. If they want to remain a viable candidate for my entertainment attention, they're gonna hafta make a grand gesture of some sort. Suspending David Shuster isn't quite enough for me.

Chris Matthews would be nice to have in the trophy case, though.

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