Tuesday, March 6, 2007

One ends, and another begins

Dear readers,

I know so many of you have been sitting around obsessively hitting your refresh button, just hoping I would post something today about the job search. To reward your diligence, I will not disappoint.

The search, my friends, is over. Chris has received an offer that she's planning to accept, pending a slight alteration in the salary. Which means, if said alterations result in a satisfactory number, that we will be moving to New York!* This college has courted her pretty heavily, so we fully expect that the salary offer will be raised to an acceptable level. The department chair wants Chris so badly that he offered to do the negotiations on her behalf. I like this guy already!

So, now that Chris' search is over (or her "tour," as we were calling it), mine begins. I've started looking at area colleges for interesting positions, and I'm considering going back to school. At this point, anything could happen, which is a bit scary and doesn't help us determine when we can/should move. I had blocked it out, but now I remember how much this part of the process sucks! Not as much as Chris' interview process, but sucky in its own right.

Anyway, perhaps you can help me out here:

What should I be when I grow up?
A secretary (please don't vote for this one!)
An athletic director
A librarian
A circus performer
A slam poet
A residence director
A waitress at Applebee's
A truck driver
A kept woman
A Pussycat Doll
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*Specific details will be given after the offer has been accepted.


Amy said...

Yay!!! for both of you.
ps...I voted for circus performer...twice. :)

Gender Blank said...

Tightrope walker or lion tamer? Tough call.

Amy said...

You can be both. probably not at the same though...that would be tricky.

Gender Blank said...

I'm thinking that lions prowling down below might give me good incentive to stay on the tightrope...