Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Done deal

All right, folks. The deal is sealed. Except for the signature on the contract part. Adjustments were made to the offer, and while it's not exactly what we were hoping for, it's acceptable. And was accepted.

So, we're moving to upstate NY so MonkeyPants can have her dream job at her Dream College! This college was her number one pick last time around, but they didn't call her for an interview because the position wasn't a match. They remembered her application and were hoping she would apply for this position. And then the universe kept putting things in line, kind of like a slowly-closing Ziploc seal. Yellow and blue make green, and we're gonna be New Yorkers!

I've wanted to be a New Yorker for awhile now. I was hoping to be a New York, New Yorker, but this will do. And even though saying you're a New Yorker makes people think you live in The City, I'm gonna say it because a) it's technically true and b) it makes me sound way cooler than saying I live in upstate New York. Plus, we'll only be three and a half hours from Manhattan and will visit there occasionally, so yadda, yadda, yadda I'm a New Yorker!

Perhaps now that I will be one of her constituents I will finally get Hillary to listen to me. She's got some 'splainin' to do about her Iraq position. Maybe when all the 2008 Presidential Hoopla dies down, after President Gore extracts us from the Middle East Mess, Hillary and I can discuss where she went wrong.

Happy Wednesday, all!

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Amy said...

sounds exciting! congrats!