Friday, November 30, 2007

The big trip to the City

So, my family drove out to New York for Thanksgiving week, and we went to New York City for a day and a half. And in that day and a half, I took 349 pictures. Well, actually the first two pictures in the set are of my cat, Ernie, sitting on the computer at home. She was just too much sitting there all cute while I was getting the previous 220 pictures off the camera. Much like she's sitting there all cute as I write this. So, I really only took 347 pictures in the City. But that's nothing to sneeze at. Several of them are blurry as hell on accounta the bus would lurch forward just when I pushed the button. And some are dark because I guess I just don't understand cameras. Even with all the helpful little pictures on the dial. Oh well.

The trip, by the way, was fabulous despite getting rained on. My father and I rode on top of that damned bus in the rain and saw the hell out of that town! I was right when I said a few posts back that the sheer magnitude of the place might be overwhelming. But it was strangely unintimidating. The buildings were effing huge, and there were people everywhere, but I absolutely loved the energy. And I was expecting, on accounta of growing up in Iowa and only knowing what the teevee told me about the place, for people to be walking around guarding their shit. But they weren't. I saw several people who would've made great candidates for a purse snatching, just walking along talking on cell phones with their purses and bags dangling over their shoulders on two fingers. In that sense, it looked just like a regular city. Without the capital C. And it didn't smell nearly as bad as I thought it would. So that was good.

The weather was really an interesting part of the whole thing. It was rainy and cold the day we went, but at 5pm, it got noticeably clearer and much warmer. It was like all those buildings exhaled at quitting time, and the rush of heated air and people out into the streets was enough to warm the place up at least twenty degrees. I went from wearing a winter coat, scarf and gloves at noon to walking around in jeans and a polo shirt at 6pm. It wasn't warm exactly, but it was warm enough.

Oh, Manhattan, Old Girl, how I loved thee, and how sad I am to have to admire you from afar until I save up enough money to be able to step on your island again. 'Cause that's one thing that turned out to be just like the teevee said. You ain't cheap.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip. And Ernie from the night before.


I took this one mostly for my friend Bobbi. It makes me laugh in a very uncomfortable kind of way. You may need to enlarge to see the words in the window to see why.

This is the two-year-old who traveled with us. Effing doll. Other tourists actually took pictures of him with that monkey leash on.

Central Park. We didn't go in very far because we had a lot of shit to cover in a day, but what we saw was nice.

My favorite tree in Central Park

Just a pretty building somewhere on the Downtown loop

This is where I think all my people were hanging out that day.

Empire State Building

Empire State Building looking all Ghostbuster-y

The last one of the Empire State Building, I promise.

'Cause no one ever takes a picture of her ass.

I may post some others after I edit them a bit, but we'll see. This is three posts in two days, after all. I gotta work my way back into the routine slowly.


Phydeaux Speaks said...

Nice pics, especially the ass shot of Lady Liberty. Always wondered what it looked like....

Glad you had a good trip, and particularly glad to see you have time for some new posts.

ken said...

I actually saw a pic of the Statue of Liberty's ass the other day. A pre-digital camera one taken by a lesbian friend of mine. So our people have been checking out her ass since at least the 80s.
(There was also one that attempted to get a glance up her skirt.)

Phydeaux Speaks said...

Hey, Gender Blank! Hope the semester ended on a positive note for you. In case you're looking for things to blog about, I've got a tag for you.