Monday, September 24, 2007

Flighty diversion

If you're bored, go here. You can test your virtual paper airplane flinging skillz against the rest of the virtual nerdworld. At the time of this writing, including my dozens of attempts, over 97 million virtual planes have been launched. 97,244,699 to be exact.

My furthest (farthest?) fling was 74.185 meters, which is easily longer than I've ever tossed a real live paper airplane. That puts my global rank at 16,813th. That's right, folks. You're reading the blog of someone who has a global rank in something. Bask for a second in my reflected glory. It's okay.

All right. Stop basking now and go fling your own damn planes. Blessings on the camels of the first person to report a fling that beats mine.


MC, M.D. said...


Amy said...

After a day and a half of paper airplane throwing, I recorded a respectful 80.252m.

Gender Blank said...

I blessed your camels a couple of days ago, but my comment disappeared. Apologies, and renewed camel blessings to both of you.

I just launched one of those suckers 80.872 meters. I'm gunnin' for ya, MC!

MonkeyPants said...

OK, people. Beat this: 84.895. No joke! I've been trying to get beyond 70 for days now, and I finally did it!

Go me! :)