Sunday, August 5, 2007

Back among the living

Greetings, all! I just wanted to let you all know that I have landed safely (though not uneventfully) in New York and have finally been granted access to the tubes again. It was a painful week of withdrawal, especially since I didn't have television access for the majority of it, either. Dark times for me. I'm amazed I emerged on the other side, to be truthful. Didn't know that I had it in me.

Actually, I kind of enjoyed the break. I wasn't expected to know anything of or be able to talk about popular culture or political shenanigans from the week prior. I had no idea what everyone in the blogosphere was talking about. I couldn't be expected to act on anything sent to me via e-mail. It must be like what it was like in pioneer days. The only shit I had any idea about was the shit I was actually present for, and if I wasn't present for it, it simply didn't happen. It was a peaceful retreat. Quite boring, but peaceful. Now I get why all the dipshits of the world operate the way they do - it is so much more blissful if you don't know about (or can pretend not to know about) all things over which I so regularly get outraged. Ignorance is bliss, indeed.

But ignorance and bliss ain't gonna do jack shit about changing the world, so it's back to the reality-based community for me. I'm willingly taking the hit to my Bliss Center in order to be a more informed and interesting party guest. And also on accounta shit simply cannot continue as it has been for the last several centuries. And I didn't appear any more blissful to MonkeyPants during my Week of Bliss anyway, so I might as well get the fuck back to work.

Of course, there are several real life things impinging on my bliss right now that reading Shakesville or watching House Hunters wasn't liable to help much anyway. But that's what happens when you start a new job that is completely different from anything you've done in the past. And I get to live rent-free, so I will stop my bitching right about now.

Anyway, I don't know how regular the posting will be over the next few weeks. I'm in training, and then we're training RAs, and then we open the halls and have to deal with all sorts of freshman shit (goddess, I hope not literally, but probably literally). I will post when I can, and when I'm struck to do so (which is often). But the next few weeks will be spotty. Just so you know.

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