Thursday, July 12, 2007

Activism alert - lazy edition

Interested in any of these issues?

Tell Your Representative: Start Bringing the Troops Home
Tell Your Senators: Close Guantanamo
Tell Congress: Save Habeas Corpus, Restore our Constitution
Tell Your Representative: Repeal 'Dont Ask, Don't Tell'
Tell Sen. Obama: Stop Supporting Dirty Coal
Tell Congress: Send Scooter Libby to Guantanamo
Tell Steve Jobs: Unlock the iPhone!
Support Green Energy Legislation
Support Solar Energy in Pennsylvania
Don't Let AT&T Ruin the Internet

If you want to take action on any of these issues, go to ActForChange, the online activism system of Working Assets. Tons of petitions to sign, and you can send letters to your congresspeople with a few clicks. It's activism for the lazy. Right up my alley. I've already told my congresspeople three or four things that are on my mind today, including the fact that I think Dick Cheney ought to be impeached. I also signed the Live Earth Pledge at Al Gore's urging.

Now I need a nap.


Phydeaux Speaks said...

Troops home, close Gitmo, habeas, blah, blah, blah... what about the really important stuff?

Have you named your iPod yet!?!?

btw, I've bookmarked the ActForChange link. :)

Gender Blank said...

That's one of tomorrow's posts. What, do you think I can spend all six and a half hours at work blogging? Only on Mondays and Fridays.

PortlyDyke said...

IMHFO -- that is no "lazy" activist alert -- it's a very energetic one.

No wonder you need a nap.

And now, I go to do as you have ordained, by taking some fucking ACTION!!!!